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Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 4:37PM
[Pam Furlong, Owner]


Lighting your path to happiness, inner peace and greater understanding!


Here at Moonstruck, it all begins with you! We teach you how to become your own master of happiness and love, how to utilize skills every one of us has the capability of employing every day! You'll immediately notice yourself being surrounded with joy, good health, compassion, understanding, inner peace, prosperity, gratitude and love!

We are here on Earth to learn and experience the processes of self-understanding and enlightenment. With Pam's spiritual and objective insight you can examine your life with more clarity, fine tune your goals to connect with your life purpose, and have guidance and affirmation as you traverse the sojourn of life.

Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, employees and employers, friends and lovers, come learn your tools for personal transformation.

DON'T MISS THIS!!! Our first on-line coaching call is Monday, June 17th at 1:00 PM. The topic is "People who press our buttons" you will learn why this happens, how to address it, and what to learn from it. The call is 75 minutes long which includes 15 mins of Q/A. Sign up today at www.transformylife.net The details are on that page. No worries if you can't attend the call... We will gladly send you the recording!

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